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May 20, 2020



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Veteran Friendly Employers

Seeking to hire veterans, service-members, and military spouses



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Join us for a chance to talk with hiring managers from veteran-friendly employers who respect the ethic and quality of service veterans bring to their respective companies. These premier employers are actively seeking veterans, service-members, and military spouses to fill a number of job openings and paid internships around the country. Positions are available in communications, business management, cyber, information technology, human resources, finance, logistics, customer service and more. Registration is required.

Premier organizations are seeking veteran talent!

Resume required and LinkedIn profile very strongly advised. Learn more about using the VFairs Virtual Event Platform by watching this video:


Veterans Access connects veterans, service members, spouses, and families to remote and flexible job opportunities available all around the world. At Veterans Access, our aim is to give veterans and their families a chance at being gainfully employed at world-class companies. Our employers are veteran-friendly. They respect the ethic and quality of service veterans bring to their respective companies.

A number of our veterans suffer from physical or psychological challenges. But at Veterans Access, we have made sure it isn’t going to be a problem. With remote jobs offered by world-class companies in the USA and abroad, our disabled veterans can work and earn from the comfort of their home. Additionally, they get to recover ample time with their friends and families.

The Veterans Access community includes veterans, disabled veterans, service members, their spouses, their families, and employers from all over the world. At Veterans Access, we know that military spouses may have a hard time combining physical jobs and parenting. So, we provided a solution!

Surprisingly, hundreds of companies don’t know the benefits of hiring former military servicemen and women. Veterans Access’ educates employers the benefits of employing highly trained professionals on saving thousands of dollars at the end of the year through tax breaks and credits. Hiring veterans isn’t just good business, its smart business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you’ll need to register for this online event. Simply follow the link at the top of the page and submit your information. Then you’ll receive an email confirming your registration for the event.
This event is for veterans, service-members, military spouses, military families, and employers.
No. You do not need to download or install any software to participate. You only need to have access to the internet.
No. Some employers may have the ability to request a video chat, but it is not required in order to participate.
Yes, this event is an opportunity to interact with recruiters in a group chat and to have your resume considered for open and future positions. Chat may include topics such as current open positions and company culture. Recruiters will initiate chats with the candidates of most interest to them at this time.
You will be able to live chat with hiring managers and recruiters for participating employers.
Yes, you can access the event for up to 30 days after the event has ended. However, we encourage you to attend live so you can interact with employers.
While we tried to schedule this event for an optimal day and time, we understand your schedule may not allow you to attend the entire or even a portion of the live event. The Veterans Access Remote Work – Virtual Job Fair website will remain open for 30 days and you can visit whenever it’s convenient for you during this period of time. You will be able to view all information such as documents and pre-recorded videos, and leave off-line messages for the hiring managers and recruiters. (Real-time online connections through the site will not be possible after the July 1st event ends.)
Yes, you can log in and out of the virtual job fair at any time throughout the event.
Send an email to for any technical assistance.